Best Cannabis Dispensaries near me in Sacramento, California


Cannagram is a full-service delivery platform that provides cannabis consumers with a hassle-free online ordering experience and speedy delivery to your door. We only offer high-quality products and provide best-in-class service to improve your cannabis delivery experience.At Cannagram, we believe that everyone should have a cannabis curator who feels like family, and we strive to provide that service to every customer.

(916) 909-0420

Delivery to Sacramento, Placer, Yolo, and El Dorado Counties


We focus significant volunteerism and financial support to organizations and causes within the communities we call home. This ensures the communities supporting embarc are benefitting most. Embarc donates 1% of all sales in perpetuity to a local community investment fund. This fund is directed by our community advisory board – a group of local residents and community leaders that ensure we’re focused on meeting the community’s needs.
When you shop at embarc your purchase directly benefits the community you call home.

6233 Mack Rd
Sacramento, CA 95823

(916) 572-9659

Humble Root

Humble Root offers fast weed delivery and a customer satisfaction rate that can’t be matched. Combine that with the Sacramento’s largest selection of cannabis products and there’s no question as to why our customers love us.

2020 I St, Sacramento, CA 95811

(916) 793-5182


The kola (or cola) on the cannabis plant sits at the very top of the plant, like a crown of premium bud. That’s why each California dispensary represents our commitment to bringing your cannabis experience to the highest possible echelon.Medical, recreational, accessible, sensational. Don’t wait for the best experience, curate it yourself!

1220 Blumenfeld Drive
Sacramento, CA 95815

1704 Main Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95838

6666 Fruitridge Road
Sacramento, CA 95820

6435 Florin Perkins Road
Sacramento, CA 95828

8848 Fruitridge Road
Sacramento, CA 95826

1760 Challenge Way
Sacramento 95815

(916) 254-3287

Lemonnade Sacramento

We’re the cannabis dispensary Sacramento has been waiting for. With a wide range of cannabis products for all people, friends of Lemonnade have always been able to find a little something for everyone. Welcome to the golden age of cannabis, and welcome to your new favorite dispensary.

1115 Fee Drive, Sacramento, CA 95815

(916) 646-6340

1421 47th Ave., Sacramento, CA 95822

(916) 646-6340

Sacramento Confidential

Serving the Sacramento region with speedy delivery of quality cannabis products. We deliver legal cannabis flower, concentrates, edibles, pre-rolls, THC and CBD infused products, topicals, vaporizer cartridges/pods, and tinctures to Sacramento, Elk Grove, Roseville, Rocklin, Lincoln, Citrus Heights, Rancho Cordova, Yuba City, Marysville and more! $45 minimum most areas ($100 minimum to El Dorado Hills/Gridley)

Delivery to Sacramento, Elk Grove, Roseville, Rocklin, Lincoln, Citrus Heights, Rancho Cordova, Yuba City, Marysville, El Dorado Hills

(916) 520-4512

The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is a premium licensed Medical and Adult Use cannabis dispensary and delivery service in Sacramento CA. We’re proud we’ve won Best of Weedmaps two years in a row! Our amazing staff takes great care of our customers and are always ready to answer your questions and share their product knowledge.

2500 Grand Ave, Sacramento, CA 95838

(916) 254-3287


SKYCLOUD prides ourselves in not only providing the best medicinal products, but also love educating our valued customers on CBD and cannabis products. We offer edibles, vape pens, topicals, pre-rolls, flower & more!


725 K St, Sacramento, CA 95814

(916) 209-0904

Symbiotic Sacramento

Founded in 2009, we are one of Sacramento’s longest operating dispensaries. Our President, Trey Ish, was instrumental in crafting Sacramento’s cannabis ordinance, and played a big part in helping make the Sacramento cannabis scene what it is today. In 2013, Trey helped establish Symbiotic Genetics. Since then, Symbiotic has proceeded to create some of the most popular & sought-after strains grown throughout the world today; including Mimosa, Banana Punch, & Wedding Crasher.

114 Otto Circle, Suite A
Sacramento, CA 95822

(916) 393-1820

A Therapeutic Alternative

A Therapeutic Alternative was founded in 2009 by medical cannabis patient’s rights advocates. Providing a high quality product and service to our members has been a driving passion behind our company for over a decade.

3015 H Street Sacramento CA 95816

(916) 544-3394

Get Your Concentrate Game on Point: Snoop Dogg's Guide to the Different Types of Cannabis Extracts

Yo, what's good, it's your boy Dope Dog in the house, and today we're gonna talk about the different types of cannabis concentrates. You know your boy loves his weed, and concentrates are the bomb!Now, there are a few different types of concentrates out there, so let me break it down for you real quick:Wax: This is a sticky, gooey concentrate that looks kind of like ear wax (hence the name). It's made by extracting THC from the plant using solvents like butane or CO2. Wax is usually smoked or vaporized using a dab rig or vape pen.Shatter: Shatter is a hard, brittle concentrate that looks like a sheet of glass. It's made using the same process as wax, but with higher temperatures and pressures, which gives it a different texture. Shatter is also smoked or vaporized using a dab rig or vape pen.Hash: Hash is a concentrate made by separating the trichomes (the sticky resin glands on the plant) from the rest of the plant material. It can be smoked on its own or added to a joint or bowl to give it an extra kick.Live resin: Live resin is made using fresh, frozen cannabis plants, which gives it a unique flavor and aroma. It's usually smoked or vaporized using a dab rig or vape pen.Rosin: Rosin is a concentrate made by applying heat and pressure to cannabis buds or hash, which causes the THC and other cannabinoids to ooze out. It's a solventless concentrate, which means it doesn't use any chemicals or solvents in the extraction process. Rosin is usually dabbed or smoked using a vaporizer.So there you have it, my peeps! Those are the different types of cannabis concentrates. Whether you prefer wax, shatter, hash, live resin, or rosin, just remember to enjoy it responsibly and stay lifted!

Exploring the Dopest Ways to Consume Cannabis: Smoking, Edibles, and Topicals

Puff Puff Pass: The Art of Smoking CannabisYo, yo, yo, it's your boy Dope Dogg, and we're about to dive into the different methods of consuming cannabis. First up, we've got smoking. Now, this is the OG way to consume weed, and it's been around for ages. When it comes to smoking cannabis, you can either roll a joint or pack a bowl. Rolling a joint is when you use rolling paper and roll up your weed into a little cigarette. Packing a bowl is when you take a pipe or a bong and pack it with weed.The great thing about smoking is that it's quick and easy, and you can feel the effects almost immediately. It's also a great way to socialize and connect with your friends. But, you gotta be careful not to overdo it, or you'll be couch-locked for the rest of the day. And remember, always puff puff pass!Edibles: A Tasty Way to Get HighNext up, we've got edibles. Now, this is my personal favorite way to consume cannabis. Edibles are food products that are infused with cannabis, like brownies, gummies, and even pizza. The effects of edibles take a bit longer to kick in, usually around 30 minutes to an hour, but when they do, they last a lot longer than smoking.The great thing about edibles is that they come in so many different flavors and types, and you can even make your own at home. But, you gotta be careful with edibles, especially if you're a beginner. Start with a small dose, and wait for the effects to kick in before consuming more. Trust me, you don't want to eat too much and end up feeling like you're on another planet.Topicals: A New Way to Experience CannabisLast but not least, we've got topicals. Now, this is a relatively new way to consume cannabis, and it's different from smoking or edibles. Topicals are cannabis-infused products that are applied to the skin, like lotions, balms, and creams. They're used for localized pain relief and can even help with skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.The great thing about topicals is that they don't get you high, so you can use them during the day and still go about your business. They're also great for people who don't like the effects of smoking or edibles. But, you gotta be careful with topicals too. Make sure to read the labels carefully and apply only as directed.There are many different ways to consume cannabis, each with its own unique benefits and drawbacks. Whether you prefer smoking, edibles, or topicals, make sure to consume responsibly and in a safe environment. And always remember, when in doubt, puff puff pass!

Weed by Any Other Name Would Smell as Dank : A Guide to Talking Herb Like a Boss

What's up, my peeps? It's your boy Dope Dogg, and today we're gonna talk about some of the different synonyms for cannabis and where they come from. You know your boy is a big fan of the herb, so let's get into it.First up, we got the classic term "marijuana." This word actually has some controversial origins, as it was originally used by the U.S. government in the early 20th century as a way to demonize and criminalize the plant. The term comes from the Mexican Spanish word "marihuana," which was used to describe the plant that was being brought across the border by Mexican immigrants. It's a shame that such a beautiful plant was given such a negative connotation, but we're working to change that.Next, we got "weed." This is probably the most common term used to refer to cannabis, and it's been around for a long time. The origin of the term is a bit unclear, but it's thought to have come from the Old English word "wēod," which meant "herb." It's a simple and straightforward term that gets the job done.Another term you might hear is "pot." This one is a bit more recent, and it's thought to have originated in the 1930s or 40s. The word "pot" was used as a slang term for a container or a pot of gold, and it eventually came to be associated with cannabis. It's a fun and casual term that's perfect for a laid-back smoking sesh.Then we got "ganja," a term that's popular in the Caribbean and South Asia. This one comes from the Sanskrit word "ganjika," which means "hemp resin." It's a term that's been used for centuries and has a rich cultural history. When you hear someone talking about ganja, you know they're serious about their herb.Last but not least, we got "herb." This one is pretty straightforward, as it simply refers to the plant itself. It's a term that's been used for a long time and is a great way to talk about cannabis without any negative connotations. When you hear someone talking about "passing the herb," you know they're all about that good good.So there you have it, my friends. Some of the different synonyms for cannabis and where they come from. No matter what you call it, you know your boy Snoop is always gonna be down for a smoke session. Stay lit!

The Entourage Effect: How Cannabis Compounds Work Together for the Ultimate High, Ya Dig

Yo, what's up, my fellow cannabis enthusiasts? It's your boy Dope Dogg, and today we're gonna talk about the science behind something that's near and dear to my heart: the entourage effect in cannabis.Now, you might be wondering what the entourage effect is. Well, it's a fancy term for the idea that when you consume cannabis, you're not just getting one single compound like THC or CBD. Instead, you're getting a whole bunch of different compounds, including terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabinoids. And when all of these compounds work together, they create a more powerful and effective experience than if you were just consuming one of them on their own.For example, let's say you're smoking a joint that has a high THC content. That's gonna give you a strong psychoactive effect, but it might also make you feel a little anxious or paranoid. However, if that joint also has a lot of a terpene called myrcene, that can actually help counteract those negative effects and make your high feel more relaxing and enjoyable.So, how does the entourage effect actually work? Well, it's all about the way these different compounds interact with each other and with our own body's endocannabinoid system. You see, the endocannabinoid system is a complex network of receptors and neurotransmitters that helps regulate all sorts of functions in our bodies, from mood and appetite to pain and inflammation.When we consume cannabis, the compounds in the plant interact with these receptors and can help modulate the effects of our own endocannabinoids. This is why different strains of cannabis can have such different effects, even if they have similar levels of THC or CBD. It all comes down to the unique mix of compounds in each strain and how they work together to create a specific experience.Now, I know some of y'all might be skeptical about all this science stuff. But trust me, the entourage effect is the real deal. As a longtime cannabis connoisseur, I can tell you that there's a huge difference between smoking some mid-grade weed and smoking some top-shelf bud that's been carefully curated for its unique blend of compounds.So, the next time you light up a joint or take a hit from your favorite bong, remember that you're not just consuming one simple compound. You're experiencing the amazing synergy of all the different compounds in that plant, working together to give you the ultimate cannabis experience. And that, my friends, is the power of the entourage effect.

Gettin' Real: The Dope Benefits of Cannabis for Medical Use

Yo, what's up, my peeps! It's your boy Dope Dogg, and today we're talking about something near and dear to my heart: the benefits of using cannabis for medical purposes. Now, I know what you're thinking: "Nope, you're just a stoner. What do you know about medicine?" But let me tell you, my friends, I know a lot more than you think.First of all, let's get one thing straight: cannabis is medicine. It's been used for thousands of years to treat all kinds of ailments, from pain and inflammation to anxiety and depression. And the best part? It's all natural, baby! No need for those nasty chemicals and side effects that come with traditional pharmaceuticals.One of the biggest benefits of using cannabis for medical purposes is pain relief. Whether you suffer from chronic pain, headaches, or menstrual cramps, cannabis can help ease your discomfort. It's been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce swelling and inflammation in the body, which in turn can reduce pain.But it's not just physical pain that cannabis can help with. It's also great for treating mental health issues like anxiety and depression. I don't know about you, but sometimes life can get pretty stressful, and that's where cannabis comes in. It can help you relax, reduce anxiety, and lift your mood. And unlike some prescription drugs that can leave you feeling numb or disconnected, cannabis can help you feel more present and connected to the world around you.Another benefit of using cannabis for medical purposes is that it can be a safer alternative to traditional drugs. Opioids, for example, can be highly addictive and have some serious side effects. Cannabis, on the other hand, is non-addictive and has a much lower risk of overdose. Plus, it's not going to damage your liver or other organs like some prescription drugs can.Now, I know some people are still skeptical about the benefits of using cannabis for medical purposes. But the truth is, there's a growing body of research that supports its use. And as more and more states legalize cannabis for medical and recreational use, it's becoming more accessible to people who need it.So there you have it, my friends. Cannabis isn't just for getting high and listening to some dope beats (although that's pretty great too). It's also a powerful medicine that can help relieve pain, reduce anxiety, and improve your overall quality of life. And if you ask me, that's something we should all be excited about. So, until next time, stay lifted and keep it real!

What's the Dilly Yo: Comparing THC and CBD

Yo, what's good, y'all? It's Dope Dogg. Today we're gonna be talking about two of the most popular compounds in the cannabis world: THC and CBD.First off, let's start with THC. This is the compound that gets you high, my homies. When you smoke or ingest cannabis with a high THC content, you'll experience feelings of euphoria, increased creativity, and a general sense of chill. It's the main psychoactive compound in marijuana and has been used for centuries for both medicinal and recreational purposes.Now, let's talk about CBD. This compound is non-psychoactive, which means it won't get you high, but it still has some serious benefits. CBD has been shown to have a calming effect, which makes it great for reducing anxiety and stress. It's also been used to help with pain management, inflammation, and even seizures. And the best part is, you can use it during the day and still function normally, ya dig?So, what's the difference between THC and CBD? Well, it's simple, really. THC is the compound that gives you the high, while CBD is the one that provides the health benefits without the psychoactive effects. It's all about finding the right balance for you, my man. If you're looking for a more medicinal experience, you might want to go with a strain that has a higher CBD content. But if you're just looking to kick back and relax, you might want to go for something with a higher THC content.THC and CBD are two very different compounds that both have their own unique benefits and effects. It's all about finding what works best for you and your needs. So, whether you're a seasoned smoker or a first-time user, just remember to always start slow, be safe, and most importantly, enjoy the ride!Peace out, homies!

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